I am a Visual artist and an Art trainer. I was born with the talent of art in Gujranwala, Pakistan where I got my basic education. I always have had new ideas with great visions which I expressed through my Art. In in my childhood I used to draw things as seen in real but at that time I didn’t realize this beautiful skill. Playing with colors, making my fingers dirty, for people it was odd but for me, it helped me to express my imaginations using those colors. I wasn’t being encouraged by family to draw things with colors because as a common custom they wanted me to get some sort of education and get an ordinary job to live and survive which normally was a sign of success for any common society but I changed this concept with my determination courage and talent by succeeding in my dream. I’ve been through very hardships to keep on my dream, besides my regular studies when I passed high school I started realizing my dream when I moved to Lahore, where I have got a Diploma in Ceramics and also completed my graduation in 2013 from Punjab University College of Arts and Design.

Right after getting the Diploma from National College of Arts, I started working as an artist with different galleries in Lahore and found myself growing fast and became a professional artist in a very short period of time.

I mostly do oil painting and basically I love painting nature. I always feel creative energy flowing out, urging me to express myself using my fingers instead of using brushes, which is not so common. In 2017 I got distinction in MFA Visual Art along with that I kept working on different art projects.


My first inspiration always remained nature. Coral Reefs are my great inspiration, having deep interest in coral habitats at the ocean floor are the symbols I use them and relate them with different elements in my paintings. “I have a drop of knowledge and passion in my soul, let me dissolve it into the sea.

I’ve got young Artist of the year Award from the Alhamra Art Council in 2016, I also have been awarded as an Artist of the Year by Voice of Pakistan. My painting has been exhibited in different countries while I have been part of several group exhibitions in well-known Art Galleries in Pakistan.When I start painting I pained directly with Tube or dry paint and as soon as I put the colors on the canvas, I feel them and I create the texture using my fingers with the direction of my soul. Colors are as important in my life as I could never imagine living without them.